Meditation For Achieving

Deeper Divine Contact
By Peter Brach

There is something very beautiful, blissful and alive about sitting in meditation and pouring out our heart to our Maker. As you gradually learn to bring your mind and emotions under control through concentration and meditation, you can increase the frequency and length of these moments. Those able to meditate and pray intensely for longer periods of time will find it much easier to live in a state of love and devotion. They will also be able to embody a cellular level of deeper spiritual understanding. However, if you are just starting meditation you can begin with very short increments of time and eventually work up to being able to spend hours immersed in love, prayer and devotion. 

Intense meditation followed by intense prayer is sometimes experienced as a sword to temporarily asunder apart all attachments rendering us naked before God. All that is left is a deep interest in bettering ourselves and uniting with our Maker. As the fire burns through you, may experience a powerful internal inquiry about what is important to us and what is not. Ideally these moments will inspire you to do more to help others live with less suffering and greater well-being. 
One important goal of meditation is to contact the place in you that is beyond your "emotional heart", your environmental conditioning, and even your genetic conditioning, to experience your true soul-level ambitions and feel the sacred longing of your soul to unite with your Maker. When you are consumed in the fire of prayer, love and longing, it is like standing at the door of the Kingdom of God waiting to be ushered over to the other side. Even if now you can only go there for a little while, you will learn to increase the time spent in this beautiful loving state; so much so that hours might go by consumed in Divine passion; your eyes will then indeed be single and your whole body filled with light! *

It can sometimes take days or weeks to quiet your mind enough to get a temporary glimpse of your native soul. At these times your priorities will likely change and you will hold an enhanced capacity to discern truth from falsehood on a visceral level — and to direct your actions from your soul-guided power-center. Then the two greatest commandments might suddenly become the two greatest opportunities! With your own candle lit, you can inspire others to immerse themselves in the ever flowing river of love, devotion, purity of heart and all the great gifts that follow.

* Borrowed from Mathew 6:22. When our eyes are singly focused on God at least metaphorically our bodies are filled with light. 

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