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Deeper Divine Contact (DDC) is here to support those with aspirations to immerse their lives in wholehearted love for our Maker, while striving to live closer to their higher spiritual values. This site welcomes people of all walks of life to come here to find daily inspiration through meditation instruction, writings and recommendations for achieving greater immersion in what we refer to as the two greatest opportunities: to deepen our love for our Maker. And, ideally while in that love to do what we can to help others live with less suffering and greater well-being.* 

DDC is a “no-profit" website and will remain so for at least two years. Everything given here is done so freely and not for personal gain.* Although DDC hopes to provide you with greater spiritual understanding, we discourage you from looking at content contributors as “spiritual teachers.” Some contributors may have dedicated many years of regular practice to meditation, prayer and service. Hopefully their years of dedicated practice will provide you with helpful insight and encouragement. However, regardless of their years of experience in truth we are all fellow travelers, each with our own set of personal strengths and weaknesses. And, what is right for someone else may not be right for you.

We hope that DDC will encourage you to push toward achieving higher spiritual aspirations. A tremendous amount can be gained by reading about the lives of great spiritual exemplars. Some of these include Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Saint Teresa of Avila, Brother Lawrence, Paramahansa Yogananda and the lives of the Desert Fathers found in the Philokalia. And, a tremendous amount can also be gained from studying scriptures from different world religions.

The standards set by exemplars and scriptures are much higher than we are likely to find today. Ideally these readings will positively inspire you. However, one can easily become discouraged and overwhelmed by comparing themselves to such people. It might be helpful to think of our world as a spiritual workout gym. Some spiritual athletes will workout hard six days a week. Others will decide to workout more moderately three days a week to avoid creating an aversion that will hold them back. Many longtime spiritual practitioners come to see the path more as a marathon than a race. The right pace for one person may not be right for some one else. DDC wishes you the best in finding the right balance between extreme stressful living and complete complacency in your efforts to achieve deeper Divine contact.

*   We encourage people to think of the two greatest commandments as also the two greatest opportunities. 


*   The one exception is that site contributors are allowed to include a link to their site. 


*   Ideally DDC will remain true to being a no-profit site indefinitely. However, the possibility of receiving compensation to cover reasonable living expenses will be reviewed in June of 2020. 

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