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It can take days, weeks and even months of quieting the mind to get fully in touch with our soul level aspirations.  From my experiences and observations, when we arrive we will likely feel the sacred longing to unite ourselves with the all loving one who created us and put us here. In this space we want to do better, to give more, to be kinder to others and realize like ambitions. We suddenly find ourselves caring much less about things of this world: what other people think about us, what we have accomplished, what we hope to acquire, where we want to go on vacation and even if we are able to heal from an illness or undo some other unwanted condition. 
Wow, what a juxtaposition! A strong dose of soul contact can create a sharp contrast from what we are use to. For me, it has been a contrast that I have experienced repeatedly for years — a sought after experience to fill and guide my life. It means living free from all that is false and misleading, and more fully embracing all that is true. And, I do hope this site will support others wishing to increase their capacity to meditate, pray and live more from this state of consciousness.
The one thing I or others helping with this site cannot offer is ourselves spiritual teacher to hold up as an examples for others to follow. I have given this a lot of thought. Speaking for myself, I am in truth a fellow traveler; one with his set of strengths and flaws no different than the rest of us. But more significantly, with very, very few exceptions, it is mistake to put others on a pedestal. It has so often lead to tragic and very painful experiences of disillusionment. The stories of corruption and abuse resulting from misuse of power are the norm, not the exception. 
However, as the sites major content contributor, I hope to offer inspiration from the wisdom gained and lessons learned from my 40 years of meditation and prayer practices I have done my best to be as objective as possible in observing what is true, what works and what causes problems and leads people away from maintaining deeper levels of soul contact. Although I am passionate about the path that works for me, my objective impression is that no set of teachings are infallible and everyone needs to find out what is true for them. For this reason, this site  supports visitors in a diversity of ways. 
How This Site Can Help You Achieve Deeper Divine Contact

*  learn a few simple, meditation techniques. In the beginning you will practice concentrating for only 20-30 seconds at a time. It is our hope that in time you will be able to sit for hours, lost in devotional prayer to your deepest and dearest Divine Beloved. 

* Improve your capacity to serve by providing unique perspectives on achieving high impact giving. This is especially useful for those wishing to give larger lifetime gifts. Suggestions for those wanting to dive deeper into the river of love by helping others will also be provided.

* Through written words in the form of satsang- a sanskrit word meaning the company of truth. One candle can light another. Satsang is most effective when the speaker is feeling deeply inspired and sharing that inspiration with others. (In reality, the same as hearing a good sermon). 

* Through other forms of spiritually rooted creative spiritual writings — some actually based on fictitious persons.

* By providing recommendations for further reading along with several spiritual teachings and practices to explore.   

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