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This site supports people of all faiths and walks of life seeking a deeper relationship with the Divine. My vision was to create a special place on the web -- a sacred space where many will eventually come to meditate, pray, reflect, learn and gain the inspiration they need to live closer to Divine. My prayer is that Deeper Divine Contact will always be a place dedicated to helping people tune into love in its purest form.


Any teachers on this site offering instruction may have valuable knowledge and experience to share. However, we are all fellow travelers, each with our own set of strengths and weaknesses,  Enlightened souls or people deserving of special spiritual respect are very rare and none will be found here. Everything taught or given from Deeper Divine Contact is done so freely. No donations are accepted.

Does Perfect Divine Love Exist

There is a lot of evidence that it does. Today many, many videos on profound spiritual experiences are available on Youtube and elsewhere. Deeper Divine Contact has selected a few very inspiring videos on topics related to near death experiences and samadhi — a state reported to lead to union with the perfect light and love of God. Learn More


Developing Mental Focus leads to Empowered Spiritual Living

Developing the power of concentration opens the doors to discovering Divine Love. It is that powerful and it is that important! Cultivating a strong mental focus also leads to increased self-confidence, self-control and empowerment. And, you can learn this skill gradually at your own pace. Learn How To Strengthen Your Concentration.


How Great Men and Women Can Transform Our Lives

One of the best sources of inspiration comes from those who live pure spiritual lives. They serve as a beacon of light to guide us. Their exemplary lives speaks truth far greater than words ever could. Even though most of us can’t move into monasteries, we can still develop a life more focused on the Divine. These Videos Can Transform Your Life!

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