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It is such a beautiful aspiration to seek to love God with the same depth and intensity that we have when we fall in love — To serve and seek to please our Beloved with the same care and joy that we do so for our romantic partner — to believe in the eternal promise of complete union. In our search for deeper Divine contact we are searching for true joy, true fulfillment; a state of being that satisfies every desire to the utmost extent.
Is the joy found through contacting God thousands of times greater than our happiest worldly experience*.? I can’t testify to this from personal experience. Like many other spiritual aspirants, I have gotten to the door, but never through the door. Regardless, my fascination with finding a source of unending joy has fueled my exploration. What I have found fits into four categories: Those who report to have attained the great state of Samadhi through great effort and intervening grace — those who have immersed themselves in longstanding spiritual efforts who report unexpected and unpredictable times of being taken up into a great samadhi, those who report having had one or two very unexpected spontaneous but short lived awakenings and those who have had near death experiences.
I believe that Paramahansa Yogananda came to know the Samadhi state very well beginning with his first experience of Cosmic Consciousness described in the Autobiography of a Yogi. I also believe that Brother Lawrence had a true awakening after many years of sustained prayers, and would say the same about some of the Desert Fathers and Saint Teressa of Avila. There are also many accounts that be found just by searching the Internet. However, for each person who has, there are thousands who claim they have either to believe they have, or to boost themselves to attract followers. 
Today visiting a sanctuary retreat center for Franciscan Monastics I read: As the deer longs for water, so my soul longs for you O God” Psalms 42. That sacred longing is hard to feel when we have other things props and we have not emptied ourselves of all things. I interpret “Thou shalt not have false Gods before me to refer to all of the images, thoughts, emotions, desires and other forms of stimulation that prevent us from approaching God with a clean heart. We do indeed have many false Gods occupying the seven thrones of our psyche. There is a great fire that pulls souls toward union with its Beloved. But that fire is quelled and even distinguished when our emotions and mind our out of our control and pulled away from quiet inward contemplation, meditation and prayer.
Achieving true prayer requires a guileless heart -- a pure heart that is deeply calling upon the Lord  not for worldly gains, the solving of troubles, or anything along those lines. The soul is calling for the fruits of the spirit and to know the one who put him or her in this world. Callings from the soul for the true salvation are intense and they do indeed burn with an inner fire. These prayers create invisible guard wires that will in time, and possibly in unseen ways, protect the soul from falling from the path to deliverance. And there is a deliverance. It is beyond my capacity to say with certainty whether it exists from a Christian, Hindu perspective or other, but it is a permanent moving away from suffering. 
It is unlikely that we will embody this great force forward from moderate practices that do not help us achieve the discipline necessary to maintain contact our sacred souls and carry forth a deeper spiritual understanding throughout our active lives. We are profoundly influenced by our environment and our personal interpretations about everything that has happened to us. This is why it takes extensive efforts to quiet the mind to deeply contact and achieve our most sacred soul-level aspirations. 
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