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My primary goal with all I write is to express as effectively as I can how important it is to love our maker as whole heartedly as possible; and ideally while centered in devotion to do what we can to help others. My vision for this site is to infuse people from all walks of life to live with a deeper inspiration to achieve deeper Divine contact. 

Honestly, and hopefully with all due respect, there is a lot in modern spirituality that I disagree with. I say “hopefully with all due respect” because this topic triggers emotions. I believe that I and others are doing people a great injustice if we simply placate to what they want to hear and fail to encourage them to follow the road less traveled — making the major thrust of their focus on developing the sacred relationship with the Divine, giving deeply of themselves to help others and doing what is right but not necessarily convenient. There is nothing wrong with wanting to heal or attract good  — it is a matter of priority and emphasis.  Read More


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